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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers that we get. If you do not see the answer to your question here, you are welcome to contact us with your questions and we will do out best to get an answer to you as soon as we can.



Q. What version of QuickBooks will this book help me with?

A. This book will work with QuickBooks 2008 thru 2015. The changes between the version do not effect the trust accounting methods. Your screen may look slightley different from the pictures in the book, but the steps work in all of the versions listed.

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Q. Does the book come with the QuickBooks software?

A. Our books don't include the QuickBooks Software. We do provide a link on the bottom of this page to Intuit's site where you can purchase QuickBooks for 20% off and free shipping.

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Q. Where can I get QuickBooks?

A. On the bottom of this page is a link to QuickBooks in which you can receive up to 20% of your purchase.

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Q. Can I password my QuickBooks data?

A. Permissions are levels of access to a company data file. The QuickBooks Administrator can give a user access to any or all of these areas when he or she sets up the user's password:

  • Sales and accounts receivable
  • Purchases and accounts payable
  • Checking and credit cards
  • Inventory
  • Time tracking
  • Payroll
  • Sensitive accounting activities
  • Sensitive financial reports

For each of these areas, the QuickBooks Administrator can also give a user the ability to edit or delete transactions.

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Q. Will this book work with QuickBooks Pro or Quickbooks Premier?

A. Yes, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier are basically the same. The Premier version offers you more things to do, like Easily create a business plan, track your balance sheet by class, forecast sales & expenses, menus & chart of accounts tailored to your industry and create industry-specific reports and install industry features.

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Q. What can QuickBooks do?

A. QuickBooks features include:

Easy start-up
Fill in familiar forms on screen.
Learn step by step with flow charts.
Turn features on as you need them.
Built-in spell check.
Let QuickBooks memorize and pre-fill information for you.
Customize your icon bar and shortcuts.
Buy and print online postage directly on envelopes and forms.
Get to important information quickly
Track payroll expenses and liabilities
Print paychecks and payroll reports.
Track inventory and purchase orders.
Track your income, payroll, and sales tax.
Get tax alerts for quarterly and monthly tax payments.
Export tax information to TurboTax for quick tax preparation.
E-mail and fax invoices directly from QuickBooks3.
Receive payments from customers online.
Authorize and record credit card charges within QuickBooks.
QuickBooks Pro does everything QuickBooks does—and more.
Complex billing is easier with multiple price levels and progress invoicing.
Integrates with Word, Excel, Outlook, and ACT!
Create and customize estimates, then email or fax them to customers.
Track the time you spend on each project and print time sheets.
Let up to 5 users work in QuickBooks simultaneously.
Control who sees what with password protection.

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Q. How do I find out more?

Contact us at (904) 284-4480, or use our online contact form

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